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To Do List - Before migration from AIX 5.3 to 6.1

  1. Copy Sendmail.cf
  2. Tar Perl Mondule if you use it in 5.3, this will be upgraded when going 6.1 and you might want to fall back to older version
  3. Make sure you note the Number of Allowed Envrioment Process, this will fall back to default which 128 allowed process. **THIS IS CRITICAL**
  4. Copy MOTD “Message of the Day”
  5. Please Make Sure you turn of RSH since you use NIMSH/RSH to upgrade
  6. Make sure you not the NIC Tunning TCP Send/Rcv you will have to put it back afterwards
  7. Memory Tunning (no –a) please review after upgrade, upgrading to 6.1 will always take the best tunning parameters but please review to make sure its good
  8. After upgrade please make sure you run the following command to make sure your OS 6.1 is consistent “lppchk –v” and “lppchk –c”
  9. Copy "/etc/security/ulimits" and make sure after upgrade they are the same
  10. Please upddate the NMON script and cron job to reference new AIX 6.1

Please Note: If you do your copy/tars make sure you do it before your nimadm migration so when you reboot to 6.1 disk the copy files are there. Also make sure have your replace back the files you take note of the permission owner and group of the files.

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