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Resetting an unknown root password in AIX

The following procedure requires some system downtime.

a) Insert the product media for the same version and level as the current installation into the appropriate drive.
b) Power on the machine.
c) When the screen of icons appears, or when you hear a double beep, press the F1 key repeatedly until the System Management Services menu appears.
d) Select Boot options
e) Select Install/boot device.
f) Select the device that holds the product media and then select Install.(cd/DVD)
g) Media type if installations (SCSCi,IDE etc.)
h) Select shown devices
i) Select Normal boot mode
j) Exit SMS mode
k) System boots from the media
l) Define your current system as the system console by pressing the F1 key and then press Enter.
m) Select the number of your preferred language and press Enter.
n) Choose Start Maintenance Mode for System Recovery by typing 3 and press Enter.
o) Select Access a Root Volume Group. A message displays explaining that you will not be able to return to the Installation menus without rebooting if you change the root volume group at this point.
Type 0 and press Enter.
p) Type the number of the appropriate volume group from the list and press Enter.
Select Access this Volume Group and start a shell by typing 1 and press Enter.
At the # (number sign) prompt, type the passwd command at the command line prompt to reset the root password. For example:

# passwd
Changing password for "root"
root's New password:
Enter the new password again:
To write everything from the buffer to the hard disk and reboot the system, type the following:

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