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RAM disk in AIX

AIX provides 'mkramdisk' command for producing a disk that resides in the RAM for very high I/O intensive applications like database.
Here is a simple set of commands to create a ramdisk and a filesystem on top of it:

1.create a RAM disk specifying the size

# mkramdisk 5G

The system will assign the available RAM disk. Since this is the first one, it will be called as ramdisk0

2.Check for the new disk

# ls -l /dev | grep -i ram

If there isn't sufficient available memory, the mkramdisk command will warn about the same during the creation.

3.Create and mount a filesystem on top of the ram disk

/sbin/helpers/jfs2/mkfs -V jfs2 /dev/ramdiskx

mount -V jfs2 -o log=NULL /dev/ramdiskx /ramdiskx

The new filesystem will now be available like any other FS.

To remove a ram disk, unmount/remove the filesystem and use 'rmramdisk' command to remove the ram disk.

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