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Open Source with AIX

AIX has a large range of Open Source tools, and applications already ported and packaged ready for you to install. This makes it far easier and quick to get Open Source tools and applications working and useful on AIX. All the big popular Open Source stuff is available. My favourites that are in the first URL below are:

  • Apache - web server the one that runs the web
  • emacs - editor and so much more
  • ethereal - network monitoring by packets, protocol, contents
  • Ganglia - cluster performance monitoring and graphing
  • GNC GCC - compiler collection particularly C and C++
  • gimp - image manipulation
  • Gnome - desktop
  • KDE - desktop
  • gzip - file compression utility
  • MySQL - the database
  • PHP - scripting, good for web servers
  • rdist - file distribution
  • Samba - Windows filesystem and printing and much more
  • rxvt - colour xterm
  • squid - proxy server
  • vim - improved vi editor for colourised syntax highlighing
  • VNC - Virtual Network Computing X windows on any machine (even Windows!!)
  • wget - checking and copying websites

Well, your list might be different but there are hundreds of them available. You can, of course, download the original source code and compile it yourself but this means you will need the compilers (most use the GNC compilers), some programing skills and time to read up on the options and build process. then you need to perform some testing to prove it is all working.
Hint: I always compile with the latest GNU compilers to avoid problems.

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