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Installation specific commands in AIX

Below are the commands which are related to the installation in aix.

lslpp -l To see the details of installed file sets

lslpp -ha bos.net.* To list the installation history of all file set in bos.net packages

lslpp -f bos.rte To list the files in the bos.rte package

lslpp -w /etc/hosts To list the file set which contain /etc/hosts file (parent fileset)

lslpp -p bos.net.nfs.server To list the pre requisites for bos.net.nfs.server file set 

lslpp -d To show dependancies of fileset
installp -L -d /dev/rmt0.1 To list the installable products on the device rmt0

installp -aX -d /dev/rmt0.1 bos.net To install all filesets within bos.net and expands file system if it requires

installp -u bos.net To remove bos.net

installp -r To reject the applied software

installp -c -f To commit the applied fileset

installp -C To cleanup an incomplete installation

lppchk -c To check the fileset items and verifies that the checksum and filesize are consistent with SWVPD

lppchk -v verify that all filesets have required requisites and are completely installed

instfix -k IX9999 -d /dev/rmt0.1 To install the file set associated with fix IX9999 from rmt0

instfix -ik IX9999 To verify fix IX9999 installed

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