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How to mount CD-ROM in AIX

Steps to mount a CD-ROM in AIX

1.         Insert the CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive.
2.         Log in as user ROOT or type su - root to login using the root profile.
3.         Create a /cdrom directory by entering mkdir /cdrom.
4.         Enter smit to add a CD-ROM file system.
5.         Select System Storage Management (Physical & Logical Storage) -> File Systems -> Add/Change/Show/Delete File Systems -> CDROM File Systems -> Add a CDROM File System.

6.         Select a device name, such as cd0. CD-ROM file system device names must be unique.

7.         Type /cdrom to get the Mount Point prompt.
8.         Select OK, or press Enter if using the smit ASCII interface, returning to the previous smit level,
System Storage Management (Physical & Logical Storage).

9.         Select File Systems -> Mount a File System.
10.       For file system name, select /dev/cd0.
11.       For directory over which to mount, select /cdrom.
12.       For type of file system, select cdrfs.
13.       For Mount as a READ-ONLY system, select Yes.
14.       Select OK, or press Enter if using the smit ASCII interface.
15.       Exit smit.

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