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Add Multiple IP address to single NIC in Suse Linux - Azure

Some of you might wondering why would we assign multiple IP addresses to single Network card. There can be many reasons. Say for example, you are doing some testing on your Linux box that requires two or more network cards. Would you buy new one? No, It is not necessary to buy a new one.

You can set multiple IP series, for example,, etc., for a network card, and use all of them at the same time. Sounds useful? Of course, it is!

This method might be helpful when setting up Internet sharing servers, like Squid proxy.

To add multiple IP address for SUSE Linux VM on Azure, you may can take reference from below steps:

Login Azure portal then navigate to VM - Networking - Network Interface, then click the NIC

Click "Add" to add secondary DIP with static type

Login the VM then run "yast" to add the second IP address
$ sudo yast

Press "F4 Edit" – "F3 Add" then input the assigned IP address from the portal and follow the steps to press F10 Next|OK to save and exit

Now the VM has added the second IP address
$ sudo ifconfig
$ ip a

And it's able to ping from another VM within same VNET

Now you have successfully configured the multiple address fro single NIC.

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