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"vmount: operation not permitted" Error From Linux NFS Server

While trying to mount a Linux NFS share in an AIX server, we get the below error.
localhost:root:/#mount /mnt/nfsShare
mount: 1831-008 giving up on:
vmount: Operation not permitted.

Sometimes Linux NFS servers will do port checking and require that the NFS client use a reserved port.

nfso -o nfs_use_reserved_ports=1

If the mount is going to be permanent, then the change needs to survive across a reboot. The nfs option must be changed permanently. On AIX 4.x and 5.1, the command above should be added to the startup scripts (possibly /etc/rc.nfs). On AIX 5.2 and above, the change can be made permanent by adding the -p flag.

 nfso -p -o nfs_use_reserved_ports=1

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