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Rotating Log Files

This script moves on log files listed on the command line. It keeps all but the most recent one
compressed, and removes the last one once there are more than CYCLES of them. For example,
CYCLES=3 ; rotate messages Would have the following effects.

messages --> messages.1
messages.1 --> messages.2.gz
messages.2.gz --> messages.3.gz
messages.3.gz --> removed

script :

# Rotate a log file and keep N copies
# Mostly stolen from inn
for F in $* ; do
## Compress yesterday’s .1
test -f ${F}.1 \
&& ${COMPRESS} <${F}.1 >${F}.1${Z} \
&& rm -f ${F}.1 \
&& chmod 0440 ${F}.1${Z}
## Do rotation.
rm -f ${F}.${CYCLES}${Z}
while [ ${EXT} -gt 0 ] ; do
EXT=‘expr ${EXT} - 1‘
test -f ${F].${EXT}${Z} \
&& rm -f ${F}.${NEXT}${Z} \
&& mv ${F}.${EXT}${Z} ${F}.${NEXT}${Z}
mv ${F} ${F}.1

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